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Medical Grade Compression Sleeves

Meet the New Pain-Relieving and injurying reducing, Invictus Strong Knee Sleeve.  

  Reduce Knee Pain
   Prevent Injury
    Recover Faster
Way To Much Inventory! 
We Guessed Wrong on Our 
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Our Mistake Is your Gain! 
Way To Much Inventory! 
We Guessed Wrong on Our 
First of the Year Rush And 
Way Over Bought. 
Our Mistake Is your Gain! 
Way To Much Inventory! 
We Guessed Wrong on Our 
First of the Year Rush And 
Way Over Bought. 
Our Mistake Is your Gain! 

Do You....
  • ​Do you have children that Play little league sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc)? If so do you worry about their precious knees blowing out during a game. One bad fall or one kick to the wrong area and this could be your kid.
  • ​Want to lessen that worry and reduce your risk? 
  • ​Worry your knees are not protected as well as they could be?
  • ​Want to have that extra protection for your knees?
  • Worry you could damage your knees to the point you wouldn't be able to play with your kids?
  • ​Want to know you have added the best protection available to help reduce the chance of damage from occurring in the first place? Keeping you on the playing field for not only your own kids but for your GrandKids as well.
Well...Don't Delay
now iS the time to get the added protection and peace of mind your precious knees have long deserved!
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The Invictus Strong Professional Grade 
7 MM Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve can help with all these concerns and more...
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Developed By Physical Therapist  and Fitness Trainer Jeremy Berger,
an expert on knee pain, knee protection and knee support. 

He was joined in the design and creation by,
a Football Athlete, a 5 state Racquetball Champion, and an Amature Golfer of over 50 years

Say Good Bye To  Ineffective, Expensive and in some case Dangerous Treatments For Good!

With time and experience, going through countless costly doctor visits, procedures, and drug store prescriptions – Invictus Strong® has finally found its place in the hearts of knee pain patients.
Using the most effective shock absorption and superior stabilization technology, Invictus Strong® - the "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves soothes and protects your knees from distress and inflammation, resulting in a complete elimination of knee pain and discomfort.

And the best part is? There is no need to waste hundreds of dollars on overpriced custom-made knee braces that won’t even work in the long-term.

For a limited time only, Invictus Strong® is now making The "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves available for 44% Off!

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The Root Cause Of Chronic Knee Pain Is

Weak Knee Joints

Knee pain is a rising problem for over 100m people and treatment and surgery costs are rising - This solution couldn't have come at a better time.

Expensive doctors appointments, damaging pills, and obtrusive and unsafe medical procedures are only a few reasons why knee pain patients are unsatisfied. You go through increasingly more cash every step of the way just to be left frustrated and broke.
All of it adds up...and is a completely unnecessary waste of money.

But knee pain sufferers are considering more effective solutions to ease pain without mindlessly wasting money.

Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to help your knees once and for all.

A new US-based business, Invictus Strong®, has developed a cutting edge knee compression sleeve innovation called the "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeve. It is completely changing how knee pain patients treat their tendonitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid joint inflammation, bursitis, and many other knee conditions. 

Made from a special blend of the same durable material deep diver wetsuits are made from (7 MM Neoprene) and Nylon instead of the cheaper less durable polyester of old. 

These sleeves are meant to withstand the rigors of everyday life, while at the same time allow you a more pain free ability and a more confident sense to move more freely as your knees become stronger with that ongoing consistant movement each day. 

The "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves are fast becoming a better way and not only more cost effective, but also a faster way to relieve knee pain and help restore injured and damaged knees.

Invictus Strong® creator, Jeremy Berger, Physical Therapist for the past 20 years, initially created the "Neo Compression Elite"™ sleeve to solve his own patients knee issues. "I watched daily as patient after patient would come in for therapy while battling meniscus, tendonitis and many other knee related issues... even my own knees were starting to have issues! 

Like all of us it seems sometimes as we look around, sooner or later we get some sort of knee problem. 

As indicated by the Institute Of Medicine (IOM), about 1 in 3 individuals experience chronic knee pain right now.

So, if you happen to be that 1 in 3 experiencing tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other knee pain or issue that prevents you from enjoying life ... Don't delay ... the "Neo Compression Elite" can help.

"As you can see, this is no small issue, and I take my patients pain very seriously. I feel our new knee sleeve has come a long way towards fixing most of their issues. My wish is that folks come to understand that they can have a life again".

Therefore, creating a natural alternative that actually worked, was the goal....and....well....we think that's exactly what we've done. 

SO...You ask...How this miracle work...


It helps you move....OUCH!...Right I get it...but thats where the "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves come in. They take the OUCH OUT.

We do understand, moving is the last thing you want to do because of your knee pain, discomfort, stiffness or hurts!

But, if overcoming your joint pain is a VITAL GOAL...YOU MUST KEEP MOVING.
We must remind you that you have to keep active and continue moving to heal quickly and properly, but we want you to be able to ignore the pills and medical procedures at all cost if you can while doing so. 

However, if moving is the last thing you want to do because of your knee pain, discomfort and soreness. 

"That's the reason I made these knee sleeves - to provide a natural alternative that really does work. Because we all know...A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest." says Berger. 

"Therefore, we've made them available to all knee pain sufferers at a 44% discount, while we have stock available." 

We know we have ruffled some feathers in the big pharma and orthopedic industry by producing a product that threatens their, "lets cut you open and then feed you opioids", way of doing business. We have now given folks what we feel is a much cheaper, safer and in many cases better alternative to surgery and drugs. 

Even the big companies before us that have dominated the knee brace and knee sleeve markets for weight lifters and the medical field that are ridiculously overpriced and extremely uncomfortable knee braces are a little upset with us as well because we have to come to market with such an affordable alternative." said Berger.

But it doesn't matter what we say, you are the ones. You're the ones that matter. If you don't feel the value lies in the product you receive and you want to return it for any reason what so ever we will return you're money plus an extra $2.00 for your trouble.

Because without your approval we're not going to be around that long anyway. 

This is our Introductory Offer. These Prices are for a Limited Time Only, and Supplies Are Limited.

Strong All Around Support!
Prime Fitness Knee Sleeves

Effective For All Kinds Of Sports!
Wide Coverage For advanced Protection

Elastic Anti-Slip Material
7 MM neoprene knee sleeves!

Flexible Premium
for free body movement!

Helps With The Healing Process By Keeping Knees Warm 
Protects knees during knee injury recovery!

Wide Coverage For advanced Protection.
effective for all kinds of sports.

Now that you know of these revolutionary knee sleeves, let me show you how easy it is to use them. There are only 3 simple steps to follow:

To learn more about this limited-time offer, click on the button below:

Step 1: Order your Invictus Strong® 7MM Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeves today to take advantage of the 44% OFF sale.

Step 2: After receiving your knee sleeve, wear it with pride and enjoy superior relief - without the hefty price tag.

Step 3: Use your knee sleeve daily - you can wear it at any time underneath all kinds of pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, or shorts.

Tip: Do you have friends or family members who suffers from knee pain and discomfort? If so, you just found the perfect gift - these knee sleeves will save them money and time but above will save you PAIN.

The Legend of "INVICTUS STRONG" - the Story

As I slowly approached the bar holding the most weight I’d ever tried before, I knew It was gonna be tough. It would take all I had.

I had looked forward to this moment for some time.

As my buddies/spotters positioned the bar on my shoulders, I planted myself firmly under the bar. 

I was READY! 

I had prepared long and hard for this day.

It was nothing special to anyone else, but it was special to me!

As my spotters stepped away, I started the journey down with what I felt was the weight of the world on my shoulders…literally....

Then it happened…the twitch…the stab…the ouch…something was wrong…my knee was not cooperating…what was happening?

OK...I was down now…Would I be able to get back up?  Now that was the question.

Hi, my name is Jeremy Berger.  And that was me a 
while back.

I guess you would say I'm the guy responsible for the IS9000 7MM Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve (man that's a mouthful).  I'm also the Co-founder of Invictus Strong along with businessman and good friend Glenn Brizendine.  

I am a Licensed Physical Therapist and have been for approximately 20 years now. 

When the above incident happened I would have been in my early 40's and, I'd have to say, was in pretty good shape.

But that day I realized, it really didn’t matter how good a shape you’re in, if you move that knee the wrong way you can injure it.

Oh...What happened that day you may still be wondering?...Was I able to get back up?....

Well....Let me tell you...


I couldn’t.... get back up.

Whatever I did going down was enough to prevent me from coming back up (and to this day, I have no idea, I was being so careful), but whatever it was, it prevented me from reaching my goals that day.

But, like all dark clouds...that one, had a silver lining as well, because that’s, when it hit me….! 

Like an epiphany!... But just as quick it seemed to turn to a Nightmare!

As I thought about all those years, I realized how lucky I had been.

Gambling with my own destiny.

I had been downright neglecting the health, welfare, protection and care of my own precious knees.

Heck, without your knees, you can’t go out and play with your kids, or grandkids.

Without your knees, you can’t do a whole lot of anything.

And yet we all just go blindly along, putting so much stress and strain on them without ever the thought of protection or prevention.

The irony, or more so the stupidness of the whole thing for me was, as a Physical Therapist, I had seen enough knee problems and injuries to know better.

I knew that one of the best, easiest and most convenient knee pain relievers, knee injury recovery aids and, the one I most recommended and the most unrestricted knee PROTECTION devices you can have when doing any type of exercise that puts stress on the knee, especially squats, are a good compression knee sleeve**.

So, this is when I went online and started my search for the best knee sleeve I could find!

I’m an Analytical Physical Therapist at heart, which means I conduct countless hours of research before making any purchase.

I looked up and down for a knee sleeve that would fit my needs!

Durable, Not Flimsy, Well Made, High Quality Materials, Great Fit, Low Rebound….but I couldn’t find what I wanted…

And so...we're back to the Epiphany...
**Disclaimer: Please keep in mind there is no brace anywhere, we're aware of, that can totally prevent knee injury. So do not rely on the IS9000 to prevent injury. It is an AID to knee injury prevention due to high stress such as powerlifting and/or squats and an aid to injury recovery and a relief to chronic pain.
As you have guessed by now, I decided to design and manufacture my own. 

So…that’s what I did.

Thus was born Invictus Strong and the IS9000 7MM Neoprene Compression Knee Sleeve.

This Knee Sleeve, in my opinion, and many others as you will see below, is the Holy Grail of Knee Sleeves!

Made from the same material they make the best wetsuits out of.

Neoprene allows your knees to breath while still compressing the joint throughout the exercise.

Neoprene allows your knee joint to get warm quicker and stay that way longer throughout your workout or throughout the day as healing takes place. 

Give our sleeves a try on our dime.

Try them out for 30 days.

If you don't feel like they are everything we said they were, then you just give us a call or send us an email and let us know you would like a refund.

We will do so without hesitation or any questions asked.

So you really have no reason not to start protecting your knees today!

Thank you for you Patronage...

~Jeremy Berger, P.T.

PS: Why Not Go Ahead And Give Them a Try. 

You Know You Want Too. 

And You're Never Gonna See Them at This Low Price Again. 





Stephen Smith, 5 Time National Qualifier - 
NPC Professional Bodybuilding Competitor
Stephen Smith, 5 time National Qualifier - NPC Professional Bodybuilding Competitor 

" It is my conclusion that the "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves are some of the best I have found selling today.

These are the ones I use personally and recommend to all my clients."

~Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith, 5 time National Qualifier - NPC Professional Bodybuilding Competitor 

"I have been using these sleeves since March of 2017 and as a Professional Bodybuilder,
Bodybuilding Coach and Personal Trainer, I consider myself an expert.

Therefore, as an expert, and after reviewing the facts as they have been presented to me,
it is my conclusion that the "Neo Compression Elite" Knee Sleeves are some of the best I have found selling today.

These are the ones I use personally and recommend to all my clients."

~Stephen Smith
Introducing....Anna Neal, Ms. Health & Fitness 2017 International Winner

"I Think The Invictus Strong Knee Sleeve is The BOMB!" 
(it's in the video :) 


Click  On the Video To Hear Anna Explain Why The IS9000 Knee Sleeve Is The Bomb!...

How Well Do These Sleeves Really Work?
...don't just take our word for it!
Check out what our other customers have to say...
If Your Sleeves Are So Great, 
That's Easy...Here's WHY! 

We know once you try our Sleeves, you'll never go back to those expensive brand names and inferior overpriced sleeves. 

SO....We need you to see, First Hand, how great they are. 

HOW do we do that?



With Prices This Low
You Owe It To Yourself 
To At Least Give 'em a Try.

Hold our feet to the FIRE! 
You will LOVE these sleeves....if not....we'll give you your money back.......NO QUESTIONS ASKED!....

Plus, once the return has been completed and you have received your refund, we'll also send you an additional $2.00 for your trouble. 
We guarantee that you will love our sleeves or we will refund your money plus...
We'll send you an extra $2.00 for your trouble*. 
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Who has time to exercise (at least) 30 to 60 minutes a day, 3 times a week when you have a career, a family that needs your attention and kids to take care of... 

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Six pack abs seems like an unachievable goal.
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Unfortunately, she didn’t know about HIIT. If she did, she might’ve achieved eye-popping fitness results!

So what is HIIT? Also known as High Intensity Interval Training.

HIIT means exercising at an intense pace for a short period… and scientists have found that this workout method is MILES better than a moderate pace workout.

Studies show that the intensity of exercise is one of the greatest factor in rapid fat loss.

Imagine how happy I was to find out that I can get closer to my fitness goals by spending less time working out!

Do you remember when you had dial-up internet and you had to wait 30 minutes just to load up a video? Now, it takes seconds. 

This is exactly what HIIT did for my body!

The results came so fast I couldn’t even believe it.

HIIT is:

  • Fun: Old-fashioned cardio takes hours for results and you easily get bored of the repetitive motion on the treadmill. On the other hand, HIIT is fun, more variety and engaging.
  • Efficient: HIIT lasts only 30 minutes, but the after-brun effects will last hours after the exercise.
  • Minimalistic: You don’t need expensive equipment to do them. Just use your bodyweight, maybe a few dumbbells, a jump rope... That’s it!
  • Location-independent: You can perform the workouts anywhere! Do it in the living room with your kids, do it in your office on lunch break… If you’re daring enough, do it at the side of the road when you’re stuck in a traffic jam! (But please don’t disrupt the traffic).
  • ​A brain booster: HIIT has been shown to boost levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor(BDNF), a protein involved in brain-cell repair, learning, memory, mood regulation and cognitive function. Conventional exercising methods do not release this brain-boosting protein.
  • ​A muscle-builder: HIIT promotes muscle synthesis if done right. Furthermore, HIIT boosts growth hormone levels which helps the muscle-building process.
  • ​Customizble: Because it is a method of exercising instead of a list of exercises, HIIT is customizable. Anyone from beginner to seasoned athlete can use HIIT to improve their performance, health, and aesthetics.

Scientists’ Preferred Method Of Exercising

I’m sure you’d agree that scientists LOVE the idea of making workouts more effective and efficient.
That’s why they love HIIT so much!

In fact, a scientist called Izumi Tabata created his own version of HIIT that takes only four minutes to improve both aerobic and anaerobic performance (This program is shared in the book.)

There are also the legions of celebrities who swear by HIIT as their answer for aesthetic bodies.

Hugh Jackman, Britney Spears and David Beckham all do some form of HIIT.

If you think about it, HIIT just makes sense.

Mo Farah is a famous marathon runner whose feats are impressive to say the least. However if you look at his physique, it’s not what you have in mind when you think of a fit body.

Compare that to Usain Bolt. He’s ultra lean, athletic and has the aesthetic body that most men wish for.

It just makes sense that training intensely for a short period of time will make you more athletic than training moderately.

I’m guessing you’re sold on the benefits of HIIT and finally convinced that building the beach body you’ve always dreamed of
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HIIT 2 Fit

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Here’s What I’ll Be Sharing With You Exclusively:

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... and SO much more for you to learn inside!

Why This Blueprint Is Perfect For You:

  • Save precious time by working out the most efficient way possible for fat loss and building muscle at the same time. That means more time for you to spend with family and friends, improve your career and use your new physical capabilities for new hobbies
  • Look good without giving up your soul. You don’t have to give up sports night or your favorite six-packs of beer to have an aesthetic physique.
  • Enjoyable exercises that will get you excited for your next workout

To sum it up, you will.....

  • Get your body ready for the beach in a matter of weeks doing short workouts that                    are fun and customized to your body
  • Have a sharper and smarter brain. Scientists suggest that HIIT brings more benefits                   to your brain than playing sudoku or crossword puzzles
  • Slow down aging, giving you better skin and higher energy levels
And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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I reached a whole new level of fitness using the methods in this book.

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